• Section 12J

    Section 12J is an investment tax incentive designed to encourage investment into a range of private companies which meet defined criteria including hospitality properties and certain qualifying student accommodation and moveable asset rental businesses. The incentive gives taxpayers the ability to write off 100% of their investment against their taxable income.


    Investors therefore benefit from up to 45%* immediate tax relief, reducing the cost of the investment, providing downside protection and enhancing overall returns. (*assuming a max. tax rate of 45% for individual investors).


    To learn more about Section 12J, click here for SARS's External Guide.

  • Which Properties qualify for Section 12J?

    Hotelkeepers qualify

    Section 12J is very attractive if you are looking to acquire or develop a hotel, lodge, student residence or serviced apartments. Effectively, Section 12J can provide enhanced returns due to the tax deduction of between 28% to 45% on your investment into opportunities that fall within the Act’s definition of “hotel keeper”.


    Section 1 of the Income Tax Act which defines a “hotel keeper” as:

    any person carrying on the business of hotel keeper or boarding or lodging house keeper where meals and sleeping accommodation are supplied to others for money or its equivalent”.


    Taking into consideration the above as well as a binding private ruling issued by the South African Revenue Service, a “hotel keeper” must:

    • carry on a business in the hotel, boarding or lodging sector;
    • offer a meal service;
    • provide sleeping accommodation; and
    • levy a fee for its services

    The Opportunity

    If structured correctly, the following hospitality property investments opportunities can attract the tax deduction associated with Section 12J:

    • hotels;
    • student accommodation;
    • lodges;
    • guesthouses; and
    • serviced apartments.
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(4) All potential benefits and savings referred to on this website relate to a potential income tax saving should the investors deduct their full investments for income tax purposes in accordance with section 12J of the Income Tax act, assuming the client is in the highest tax bracket of 45% for individuals and trusts and 28% for companies (being their assumed effective tax rate saving), and assuming the investment is made in qualifying entities and the Investor qualifies for the tax benefit.