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    Click below if you want to send the standard Marketing and Compliance Pack to a potential Investor which you want to invite to learn more about the Prudential Shariah S12J Investment Fund. Each potential Investor invited will be linked to your Referral Code should potential future referral fees accrue. The process will also initiate all the necessary compliance checks and ensure that the appropriate FSCA workflows apply (including generating the required Disclosure Agreements).


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    Same as above, but instead of loading one Prospect at a time, download our Excel Template below, complete it and send an e-mail and the attached spreadsheet to ruan@futureneers.co (not .co.za) and we will upload the Prospects on your behalf into our referral system and link them to your code.


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(1) Invest Shariah 12J Fund (Pty) Ltd (in the process of being renamed from Prudential Shariah S12J Investment Fund) (company registration number: 2016/458652/07) is:
(a) A Shariah Compliant investment product; and
(b) A registered and authorised financial service provider (FSP registration number 47715); and
(c) A registered Section 12J Venture Capital Company (SARS registration number VCC-0054).

(2) DISCLAIMER: The content provided on this website does not constitute as solicitation, guidance, proposal, invitation or investment recommendation or advice, and prior to considering such an investment, we recommend prospective investors seek specialised financial, legal and tax advice.
(3) Please further note that an investment in the Invest Shariah 12J Fund is by invitation only and not available as an offer to the public, with a minimum investment requirement of R1 million per investor. To enquire about investments, and see if you qualify, please complete the contact us form on our website and we will put you in touch with one of our senior executive and FCSA registered representatives.
(4) All potential benefits and savings referred to on this website relate to a potential income tax saving should the investors deduct their full investments for income tax purposes in accordance with section 12J of the Income Tax act, assuming the client is in the highest tax bracket of 45% for individuals and trusts and 28% for companies (being their assumed effective tax rate saving), and assuming the investment is made in qualifying entities and the Investor qualifies for the tax benefit.